We strive to lead students to become passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. By partnering with parents and trained leaders, our mission is to teach and inspire the next generation to be grounded in their faith and confident in their Creator. We encourage students to walk boldly towards Christ, apply His truth to their lives, and develop strong, life-changing relationships with the God of the universe. We want our students to know Jesus so that they will make Him known to others. 

  • Sunday School

    We offer Sunday school classes for students at both of our locations. By connecting relationally to their peers and Sunday school teachers, students experience life on life discipleship. At South campus students meet before worship at 9:00 am am. At High Street our Sunday school meets in the YAC at 10:15 am.

  • Youth Activites Center (The YAC)

    A student’s first impression of an environment helps them feel welcome, safe, and like they belong. This is why we have a dedicated space for our students to gather. The YAC has equipment and games that encourage students to play and interact with their peers and adult leaders. There is also a secure check-in system to ensure that every student is known by name from the moment they come through the doors. Free soda and snacks are also available. 

  • YFi

    YFI is our Tuesday night youth gathering in the YAC. This is a time for students to connect and have fun with each other and their small group leaders.   Fun breaks down walls and makes relationships go deeper. They also spend time learning and every message is written with a middle schooler or high schooler in mind—how their brains work, how they learn, what their biggest needs and most pressing questions are, and, most importantly, what they need to know right now about the God who made them, who loves them, and has a plan for them. And because we’re convinced that some truths are best processed in the context of relationships, and that students need adults (besides their parents) who can come alongside them to influence and care for them, small groups, for us, are the point. They’re the thing, in our opinion, that everything else in our program leads to.  

  • Parents

    Parents are the people who have the most influence in the lives of their middle and high schoolers. Since we want to influence students, we strive to influence the people who influence them!

    Parent Cue - We want to remind parents why what they do is so important, to help them focus on what matters most, and to discover parenting along with them, so they know they're not in this alone. By downloading the Parent Cue App they’ll receive real time prompts that help every stage of parenting. We also send a monthly Parent Cue Email with suggestions for daily interactions with their child to connect with their lesson at church.

  • Confirmation

    Our Confirmation program focuses on three aspects of faith development: the meaning and significance of baptism, the eternal significance of developing a personal understanding and acceptance of God’s grace, and the importance of their participation in the life of the Church. Here at New McKendree all students, 8th grade and above, are welcome to participate in Confirmation classes. Pastor Bryan and Amanda Bond lead our Confirmation class each year, January to April. At the end of the classes students have the opportunity to reaffirm their baptism and join the church.