Breaking the chains of addiction one soul at a time.

Breaking Bonds is a FREE  seven month faith-based men’s residential treatment program for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.  The program provides a free 24-hour care facility, work opportunities, Bible study, and life skill classes.  

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Our mission is to spread the good news that you no longer have to be enslaved in the bondage of drugs, alcohol, sex, food or any other addiction. Because of the redeeming grace and salvation offered through Jesus Christ, you can find freedom. Through teaching and practical application of God’s word, Breaking Bonds has witnessed countless men and families experience breakthrough. They have worked through their struggles and found forgiveness, rebirth and an abundant life.  Our vision is to help men in this community overcome addiction.  Our hope is to help restore families torn apart from the bondage of drug and alcohol abuse.  We believe that by surrendering our lives fully to God, these things can be made possible. 


  • In the first three months residents focus on what’s most important, their relationship with Jesus Christ. Two days a week men participate in Bible study to develop a solid Biblical foundation. Spiritual transformation happens when residents learn and experience God together. 


  • In months 4-6 residents prepare to go back out into the world. They are taught Franklin Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” “Leading at the Speed of Trust,” and “The Five Choices of Extraordinary Productivity” as well as Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University.”


  • Every man that comes through our program is different; therefore, every transition out of our program looks a bit different. Our month seven transition period is designed to set each man up for success upon graduation. This month is devoted to tying up legal affairs, helping to reinstate driver’s licenses, find work, housing, etc.


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Ministry partnership

Breaking Bonds and New McKendree were featured in the June edition of the Missouri Methodist Magazine:  Breaking Bonds Ministry Expansion Finds Partner Church in Jackson



Brandon and Michelle Murphy have both experienced the healing and restoration that faith-based rehabilitation can bring. They began their ministry together at the Breaking Bonds facility in Jonesboro, AR. They have been married for 1 year and are excited to see what God has in store for them in Jackson. 


  • Gary Wheeler - Facilitator

  • Aaron Littlefield - Facilitator

learn & Lead podcast: Breaking Bonds Ministries

Interviewed by the Missouri Annual Conference, Brandon Murphy, Director was the most recent guest on the Learn & Lead Podcast. Listen below to learn more about Breaking Bonds, Brandon's path to ministry and the New McKendree/Breaking Bonds Ministries partnership. 


Breaking Bonds is able to provide FREE treatment to residents by working in the community and the generosity of their supporters.   Financial support helps cover the costs of  room and board, class supplies, and transportation.

The men are able to do projects like painting, minor construction, cleaning, home repairs, and landscaping, etc. They are efficient and professional. Call today for a quote on the job you need done.

You can make a tax deductible donation online using the link below or mail a check to

Breaking Bonds

PO BOX 372

Jackson MO 63755

Breaking Bonds Tuesday Evening Meal Volunteers are needed to provide meals for Breaking Bonds residents Tuesdays before the Community Worship Service. Meals will need to be dropped off or delivered at 4:30 PM to our South Campus and should be enough to feed 15 men. Drinks and utensils are provided. We're using the website Meal Train to schedule the meals. 

CLICK HERE to sign up or for more information, or call Michelle at (573) 204-3266.

Greetings New McKendree Family,

Once again, I’m completely blown away by what God is doing through New McKendree Breaking Bonds Ministry here in Jackson and Southeast Missouri.  Jesus has shown up and is showing out in Breaking Bonds.  We currently have 13 residents and are already close to capacity within the first four months of our New McKendree launch.  I never thought I would begin to throw around the word “expansion” so quickly.  Although I don’t know what that expansion looks like, it’s a good problem to have.

I’m excited to share that we have also added a playground area at the ministry site—a great addition to our Sunday visitations.  There’s something about seeing a dad play with his child that warms the heart.  The memories our families make each Sunday will last them a lifetime and are vital to family restoration.  We’ve also added four picnic tables around the house for families to hang out together outside.  We’re still looking for new playground equipment at the moment.  We’ve received some generous donations but are still searching for equipment that meets our needs.

Looking ahead, during our June 8th Tuesday night worship service, we’ll celebrate Brian Barnes’ Breaking Bonds graduation.  Please join us as we thank God for Brian and his graduation milestone.  Although we’ll miss him, we’re excited to see what his future holds.  If you haven’t yet witnessed a Breaking Bonds graduation, join us.  In addition to an incredible worship experience, we’ll celebrate and see firsthand how God can take a life in ashes and transform it into something beautiful.  Looking further ahead, in July, our Breaking Bonds residents, along with several of our New McKendree men, will head to Dallas for the Promise Keepers Conference.  Thank you, Mark McEachern, for heading up the road trip!  Myself, our staff, and our residents thank God for the mentorship, friendship, and example of the Godly gentlemen who work with our men. 

Thank you, New McKendree family, for your continued prayers and support.  We’re truly blessed to be a part of your family, and we’re looking forward to the great things God has in store! 


In Christ,

In Christ,

Brandon Murphy

Director, Breaking Bonds Ministry


Breaking Bonds Ministries, Inc. was founded in 2014 by Casey and Tiffanie Turner in Jonesboro, AR. It began as weekly meeting of graduates from faith-based treatment centers. They met for fellowship, breaking of bread and studying God’s Word. In 2016, God laid it on their hearts to open a free, long-term, Christ-centered rehabilitation program. Breaking Bonds Ministries have witnessed hundred’s of men experience freedom by God’s redeeming power from the bondage of sin and addiction.  Isaiah 14:3 “And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from the sorrow, from the fear, and from the bondage that you were made to serve.”  Breaking Bonds Ministries, Jackson MO was started in 2021 in partnership with New McKendree United Methodist Church.