March Newsletter

Pastor Bryan Wendling

Dear New McKendree Church Family,

Our MOVE capital campaign is on the home stretch, and our May finish line is in sight. When we launched MOVE two years ago, our church family generously pledged $968,000, over and above your regular generous giving, to modernize and renovate our High Street and South Campus facilities. At the midway point of our two-year MOVE initiative, our church family generously upped the pledge to $1,003,000. As of today, I’m happy to report that, with three months remaining, we’ve generously fulfilled 90% ($902,400) of our pledge.  Just as God was faithful to begin this good work in us, I’m confident that with our continued generous cooperation, God will see it through to the end. 

When we reach our $1,003,000 pledged goal in May and make our final payment to our general contractor, Sides Construction, we anticipate a $32,000 positive MOVE fund balance. Thanks to your over-and-above generosity, our Church Council voted to embark on some over-and-above initiatives that were not part of the original capital improvement plan. Specifically, we’ll paint the second-floor hallway, replace the stairway and hallway flooring on all three High Street Education Building floors, install new window coverings on the first and third floors, and purchase a new freezer for the Fellowship Hall kitchen. Although the cumulative estimate ($48,800) of our “over-and-above” improvements is $16,800 over our estimated MOVE surplus, we have the necessary funds to cover it. While work on the Fellowship Hall, kitchen, and 2nd-floor hallway painting will likely be 100% complete in a matter of days, we don’t yet have a feel for when the Education Building flooring project will begin. I’ll keep you posted from the pulpit. What I know is this: once our original and “over-the-top” initiatives are complete, we’ll have a fully renovated and modernized High Street facility from which to train and equip kingdom-building disciples for generations to come.

Another blessing to report: at our February 26 meeting, our Church Council voted to leverage the $235,485 from the October 2022 South Campus land sale to pay down the $436,430 long-term debt incurred when our South Campus facility was built fifteen years ago. For the past 16 months, the land sale proceeds had been parked in a CD, earning interest. Now that the CD has matured and we know that we don’t need the funds to cover unforeseen renovation expenses, we’re free to use the funds to cut our long-term debt by 54%.

God has truly blessed his New McKendree Church family. We’ve been blessed with a growing number of generous family members, fantastic ministry facilities, financial freedom, and a tradition of passionate and talented lay leadership. God has blessed us so that __________.  What we fill in that blank with is up to us. We can hoard our modernized facilities' blessings and our financial blessings, or we can use our blessings so that others may grow to become participants in God’s kingdom-building work. I pray that we’ll do what we said we would do at the beginning of our MOVE initiative: provide a nurturing, welcoming place where Christ-centered relationships are grown and from which disciples are sent. 

May God continue to bless us so that we may be blessings.

Your brother in Christ, 

Bryan Wendling