Dear New McKendree Family,

Since 2016, New McKendree has led our Jackson Community’s “Feed My Starving Children” pack event.  Although 2020’s event fell prey to the COVID pandemic, we’re back on track and looking forward to a Jackson Community Mobile Food Pack event on April 8-9, 2022, at the Jackson Civic Center. 

While the FMSC Team reaches out to our partner churches and organizations throughout our community, we are also reaching out to you, our New McKendree family.  By way of a "Special Thanksgiving Offering" on November 27th and 28th, you'll have the opportunity to, once again, lend your generous support to our community's FMSC packing events.  Over the past four community packing sessions, your generosity and hard work consisted of 3,680 community volunteers who 855,729 meals (3,952 boxes).  The result: 2,344 kids were fed for a year.  In addition, on September 9th and 10th, New McKendree and other local churches led our Jackson School District through its first FMSC packing event.  Over two days, our Jackson Junior High 8th graders packed over 100,000 meals! 

Unfortunately, the pandemic's interruption of our 2020 FMSC event, and events like it throughout the US, has only served to increase the plight of starving children around the world.  Our support is needed now more than ever!  COVID protocols are still in place and will likely make our April 2022 event look different than in years past. However, we know for sure that any money we raise will help feed children around the world next year and in future years.

Thanks to your generous commitment to this ministry, we have met our support goal every year.  Please prayerfully consider how you may contribute this year to provide lifesaving nutrition to children throughout our world.  And then, out of gratitude for all your blessings, commit to blessing others by participating in Feed My Starving Children’s lifesaving ministry by making your FMSC Thanksgiving Offering on November 27th or 28th. 

At New McKendree, our mission is to "make disciples for the transformation of the world."  A child's world cannot be transformed if the child goes hungry.  Thank you for blessing God's children and furthering God's kingdom through your generosity and good work in Christ's name. 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

Pastor Bryan Wendling                                               Todd Rushing

Lead Pastor                                                                   Lay Leader

New McKendree Family,

The word Advent means “coming” or “arrival.” Within the context of our faith, Advent is a time of anticipation and preparation that’s summed up best in the ancient hymn entitled O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Since Emmanuel means “God with us,” Advent is a time when we look forward to the coming of Jesus, God with us.

Although that seems simple enough on the surface, it’s anything but simple. You see, Advent is not just about anticipating and preparing for Christmas. That’s part of it but by no means the whole story. Allow me to explain.

For us Christians, Advent reminds us of the three “comings” of Jesus. The first coming is in the past, the “already” aspect of the season. It happened long ago on the first Christmas. Jesus, God’s Son, came to live in our world as a baby, then as a boy, and as a man who ultimately gave his very life to bring us close to God. So here in the “already” part of Advent, we look forward to celebrating that long-ago day when God’s love entered the world as an infant.

The second “coming” belongs in the present...our “now.” This coming reminds us that Jesus is waiting to come now to every one of us. He’s waiting for us to invite him into our hearts and our lives.

The third “coming” of Jesus is in the future; the “not yet” Advent, also known as the “Second Advent.” One day, only God knows the day and time, Jesus will come back into our world. But, this time, he won’t arrive as a helpless baby but rather as a glorious King and righteous Judge of all creation.

So, for us Christians, Advent is the season of getting ready to participate in the true meaning of Christmas. Advent is also the season for inviting Jesus into our here and now, day-to-day lives. And, Advent is the season for getting ready for Jesus to come again in all his glory. In a nutshell, Advent is the “already/now/not yet” season.

With that in mind, please plan to join Pastor Jimmie and me for a four-week Advent Bible study entitled “A Wesleyan Way of Christmas,” beginning Wednesday, December 1, 6 pm, in the Cox Hall conference room. Amidst all the decorating, gift buying, baking, and partying, I invite you to take the time to participate in the heart of this joyous season. The season in which we celebrate the time when, in John’s words, “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. . .the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Your brother in Christ,

Your brother in Christ, 

Pastor Bryan Wendling