Join us Saturday, March 30, from 9-11am at our South Campus location for a

pancake breakfast following by fun activities for our families & kids!

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Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

1770 S. Hope Street

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holy week at home eggsperience

Pick up a Holy Week EGGsperience Kit during one of our worship services from now until Palm Sunday.  The daily devotional will walk you through Jesus' final days leading up to the cross and what happened after His crucifixion.  If the QR code is not working for you, you can find the devotionals by clicking here.

Bonus Activity Details - Cross Scavenger Hunt

The cross is a symbol of our Christian faithJesus was crucified (nailed to a large wooden cross) on Good Friday. This was a commonly used method for killing people in Roman times. Because Jesus came back to life three days after He was crucified, the empty cross is now a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice and suffering, but also a symbol of hope, the forgiveness of sins, and victory over death.  


For this activity, see if you and your family can find the following crosses located on the outside of our High Street location.  Take a moment at each cross to give thanks to God for sending His son so that we may have eternal life.  Then, snap a selfie with the cross in the background.  Email or text your pictures to Paige ( 573-579-4737.  Families that submit photos will earn a prize. 

1. Make your way to the Adams Street entrance for your first picture.  Here you'll find two perfectly aligned crosses, one in glass and one in stone. 

2. Next, you'll find 8 crosses, subtly embedded in our stone, surrounding the highest point of our church. 

3. This cross, found in many places around our building, represents the United Methodist Church and symbolizes our connection to God through Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

4. Above the place where Jesus prays, you'll find a cross surrounded by a crown reminding us that Jesus is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

5. This large cross at the entrance to our Education Building has been used as the backdrop for many Easter family photos.  Here's your chance to get one of your own!