Over the past several years, New McKendree has stepped up to lead our community by hosting Jackson’s “Feed My Starving Children Food Pack” event. Back in March, we joined with our community and packed 233,871 meals. By doing so, we ensured that 640 kids would eat every day for a year. It was a great event.

On March 8-9, 2024, we will host a Jackson Community Food Pack event at the Jackson Civic Center. We are contacting other churches in our area to see if they want to participate again. In addition, the eighth graders from Jackson Junior High School will once again be joining us. They will be packing at the Civic Center during the school day on March 8th. This is the third year our students have joined in the goal of serving/feeding others. Our Jackson schools are committed to graduating “Givers” and not “Takers.” These events exemplify our community coming together to lift our students and allow them to see what it is like to serve others.

As you know, hosting this event comes at a significant financial cost. This year, New McKendree is committed to ensuring the event happens by funding at least the first 100,000 meals. That comes at a cost of $29,000. Because of your generosity, we already have $10,466.46 for this purpose. This year’s Thanksgiving offering will go towards this purpose.

New McKendree's mission statement is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” The world of a child cannot be transformed if they go hungry. As many of you know, New McKendree has a relationship with a church and community near Bois Dioute, Haiti. Over the years, many from our congregation have traveled to this area to help make disciples of Jesus Christ. On those trips, our team has had the opportunity to prepare and serve meals sent to this area by Feed My Starving Children. We know firsthand the difference they make.

While we are all sitting around the table on Thanksgiving Day eating far more than we should, remember many will not have anything to eat. Let us do our part to put some food on their table.