A new life initiative that’s only just beginning is our Family Discipleship Ministry. Spearheaded by our NextGen Ministries Team, family discipleship is all about equipping parents, grandparents, and even adult members without children to disciple our children and youth. As it relates to parents specifically, this new ministry is based on two truths: 1) parents have the potential to be the most influential person in a child’s life, and 2) God has commanded that the highest priority in parenting is leading children to know, trust, and follow God.  As a way to introduce it, on the first weekend in May, we’re beginning a new three-week worship series entitled “Family Matters.” Throughout the series, we’ll explore together the biblical foundation of family discipleship and the role that each of us—parents, grandparents, and church family members alike—play in the spiritual development of our kids. 

You can also CLICK HERE to download the Family Discipleship Workbook from our Family Matters Sermon Series.