Director of Next Generation Ministries - Amanda Bond

Dear Parents,

We’ve missed seeing your children and teens!   Our hope was that during our time away we could help you disciple your children at home.  While we’ll still be providing resources to help you talk about the weekly lessons at home, we recognize the influence that peers and caring volunteers have in your children's faith journey.   So we’re so excited to be able to start children and youth ministry programs again.

We’ve talked with teachers and nurses in both  Jackson and Cape schools that attend our church.  They have given us great insight on the safety measures that our school leaders have taken so far that are allowing school to be in session.   After consulting the Cape and Jackson School Covid-19 Re-Entry Plans and the Eagle Sky Camps CDC Implementation Summary, we came up with a plan.  Our church leadership team has approved that plan and we’re ready to give this a go!  We hope this guide helps you feel safe about your children attending our ministry activities.  If you have any questions please just give me a call!

Amanda Bond,

Director of Next Generation Ministries


Jordan Cunningham - Children's Ministry Coordinator


Parents guide to Health and Safety

Home Health Screening

We’re asking all of our volunteers and participants to assess their health before they come to any youth ministry activity or event.  We’re asking you not to send your teenager if they are sick.  Things to consider before attending:

Fever over 99.9, shortness of breath, cough, chills, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, known contact with a Covid-19 infection, or waiting on a Covid-19 test result…

If your teenager has experienced any of these symptoms in the last 48 hours—we urge you to keep them home.


Masks and Hygiene

Masks will be worn by participants and volunteers at all times when indoors.   With our classroom sizes already limiting the number of children that can participate at a time —we really need them to be wearing a mask when they are inside.  We’ll take outside mask breaks if needed and have disposable masks available. 

Hand sanitizer will be used before entering the classroom and after using any shared equipment like balls and balloons for games.

If your child needs help adjusting their mask,  volunteers will use hand sanitizer before and after touching the mask.



Our staff and volunteers work hard to keep our ministry spaces clean and sanitized. Before and after each space is used for ministry, we’ll be using a sanitizing fogger to spray all surfaces. We’re also running any toys used through our commercial dishwasher that reaches 180 degrees. Commonly touched surfaces like door knobs and tables will also be wiped down with a CDC recommended disinfectant.

Social Distancing

We’re going to do our best to have your child socially distanced during our indoor ministry activities. We’re limiting the room capacity and number of children allowed to sit at each table. While children will likely be moving around the room for some games, they will always return to the same seat for the duration of the event.

When the weather is nice we’ll allow time for outdoor play. They’ll be encouraged to wear their masks until we spread out for games and play. However, when we gather to return to the building, they’ll need to put their masks back on.


Keeping your child safe is a high priority.  Our check-in system allows us to keep an accurate account of who your child interacts with during our ministry activities.   After the activity is over, we’re asking parents to stay in the hallway, their vehicle, or outside in the parking lot.  Please do not enter the ministry space unless you are checked in.   This will help us limit unnecessary contact in the building.


Supplies and Activities

Some activities require the use of scissors, markers, tape and other crafts supplies.  Each child will have their own pencil box for them to use.  We’re going to limit sharing as much as possible.  For games that involve the use of shared toys—like balls, balloons, and Frisbees—children will sanitize their hands before and after use.

There will be some singing and dancing during times of worship and celebration.  Children and leaders will always wear a mask and be socially distanced when singing.

During events when snacks and drinks are served they will be prepackaged and distributed by a volunteer.  We will not be serving any buffet style snacks.



All children and youth will need to have a current registration and release form on file.  You can click the links below to download and print or click HERE to fill it out online.

Children Youth

For our complete COVID-19 Safety Policy click HERE.