residential treatment program

Our mission is to spread the good news that you no longer have to be enslaved in the bondage of drugs, alcohol, sex, food or any other addiction. Because of the redeeming grace and salvation offered through Jesus Christ, you can find freedom. Through teaching and practical application of God’s word, Breaking Bonds has witnessed countless men and families experience breakthrough. They have worked through their struggles and found forgiveness, rebirth and an abundant life.  Our vision is to help men in this community overcome addiction.  Our hope is to help restore families torn apart from the bondage of drug and alcohol abuse.  We believe that by surrendering our lives fully to God, these things can be made possible. 

  • Phase One  (Month 1-3) - Biblical Foundations

    In the first three months residents focus on what’s most important, their relationship with Jesus Christ.   Two days a week men participate in Bible study to develop a solid Biblical     foundation.  Spiritual transformation happens when residents learn and experience God together. 

  • Phase Two (Month 4-6) - Life-Skills Training

    Months 4-6 begin to focus on getting the men ready to go back out into the world.  Participants attend eighteen three-hour workshops over nine weeks and are taught FranklinCovey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” “Leading at the Speed of Trust,” and “The Five Choices of Extraordinary Productivity” as well as Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University.”

  • Phase Three (Month 7) - Transition

    Every man that comes through our program is different; therefore, every transition out of our program looks a bit different. Our month seven transition period is designed to set each man up for success upon graduation. This month is devoted to tying up legal affairs, helping to reinstate driver’s licenses, find work, housing, etc.

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